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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy
How do you do it? Rare does a person eat, drink and be merry for as long as they like without feeling any adverse effects. For most of us, working over time, lack of sleep, not enough exercise, low intakes of water, too little bathroom time and stress are natural daily occurrences. We often take them for granted and live with these necessity functions through months and years without giving it a thought. Toxins begins to build up and affecting our tissues and cells, through process resulting in headache, chronic fatigue, allergies, diarrhea, digestive problem, unexplained sickness, excess weight and a weak immune system.

These are the most common problems we experience nowadays because of our large intestine (sewage system). Not only people with constipation would carry these problems but also those who has normal bowel movement. Waste that is trapped in our muscular colon can adhere stubbornly to its walls and Toxins are absorbed into the circulatory system!